Icynene Insulation Products

Icynene's range of spray foam insulation solutions deliver a perfect fit for any shaped cavity. Unlike traditional insulation materials like cellulose or fiberglass, Icynene spray foam can conform to unusual geometry and provide a continuous, protective barrier that significantly reduces air leakage, minimizes airborne moisture transfer, and optimizes energy efficiency.

Ideal for both wood or steel-framed construction, Icynene spray foams are specially formulated to suit each project's individual needs. Icynene spray foam insulation products:

  • Can offer savings of up to 40% on heating and cooling costs
  • Are verified as an air-barrier material
  • Contain low Emitting Materials (LEM) as per CHPS EQ 2.2 Section 01350

Types of Spray Foam Insulation

Did you know that there’s more than one type of spray foam insulation? The two different types of foam have been formulated for different building codes and unique aspects of your home. American Insulators LLC can help you decide whether to use soft, sponge-like open cell foam, or rigid, closed cell foam by educating you about the differences, as well as assessing your individual home’s needs.

Discover the different aspects of spray foam insulation options that are available below.

Open Cell Foam:

• Spongy, soft foam 
• Outperforms traditional insulation materials
• Can also reduce airborne sound transmission
• Allows water leaks to drain through, which can help you identify leak issues sooner for repair

Closed Cell Foam:

• Rigid spray foam 
• Identified as a flood resistant material by FEMA 
• Built tough and can reject bulk water penetration (such as floods)
• Can be used effectively in both interior and exterior applications

For more detailed product information, please visit the Icynene website.

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